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The following amount will be charged for each new piece request:
1) Songs up to 10 lines: € 8,00
2) Songs between 10 and 20 lines: € 10,00
3) Price for songs with more than 20 lines will be proposed after a specific evaluation.
- When requesting a new song, please specify the following data:
- For an Opera piece (aria, recitativo, duetto ecc..) please specify: Author, Opera title, Song title, Voice type.
- For a Musica da Camera piece or any other type of piece, please specify: Author, Song title.
We will not process requests incomplete of the above data.
After submitting your new piece request, you will receive a confirmation mail with the instructions for the payment.
-To receive the pieces you requested:
Please make the payment and send a copy of the payment receipt via e-mail at the address: admin@cantarelopera.com.

- Shipment Time of the requested new song: 1 to 5 days according to the length of the piece.