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ArteinCanto International workshop

Dal 25 Agosto 2018 al 10 Settembre 2018

 Scadenza iscrizioni: 31 Luglio 2018
     Quota di iscrizione: 0.00 €
     Quota di partecipazione (allievi effettivi): 690.00 €
     Quota di partecipazione (uditori): 0.00 €

docente: Francesco Mancuso - Ferdinando Nazzaro
“ArteInCanto” Music Festival International workshop OPERA SINGERS. This initiative includes a music program dedicated to the sacred music of the 18th century and the opera of 18th-19th centuries and tends to enhance singers of all nationalities without age limit in the world of the opera alla round the world, with the opportunity to perform in public concerts The main locations will be the Concert Hall of the Lviv National Philharmonia.
Effective participation includes the possibility of being viewed and selected for future productions in Italy or in other European cities

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